Top 10 Cheap Pet Insurance Plans

You might be interested in finding the cheapest insurance policy however the policy must also be useful if not you might be able to utilize the coverage.  So it is highly recommended you also consider the coverage, annual benefit, % of vet reimbursement and our rating and review.

The cheapest basic cover (accident only) is from Pet Insurance Australia, which starts from approximately $20 per month.   As the plan only covers accidental injuries, you won't have cover for illnesses such as cancer, tick paralysis, skin conditions and more.

The cheapest standard coverage (accident + illness) is surprisingly from Medibank priced at $49.98 per month.   The Medibank plan only overs a $8,000 annual benefit limit and we have given them a 3.5/5 star rating.  The best standard coverage when taking account price, coverage and ratings is Woolworths followed by Petmed and Bow Wow.

InsurerPlan NameMonthly PremiumVet Bills CoveredExcess AmountAnnual Benefit LimitAccident CoverageIllness CoverageReview
Pet Premium$54.0380%$100$12,000YY
Comprehensive Plan$63.4880%$100$15,000YY
Vital Cover$75.8980%$100$11,000YY
Standard Cover$58.4180%$100$12,000YY
Economy Accident + Illness Cover$66.0075%$0$11,000YY
Classic 1$79.38100%$150$10,000YY
InsurerPlan NameMonthly PremiumVet Bills CoveredExcess AmountAnnual Benefit LimitAccident CoverageIllness CoverageReview
Comprehensive Protect + Routine$69.0175%$0$15,145YY
Ultimate Accident & Illness Cover$71.8080%$0$11,000YY
Comprehensive + Routine$71.2580%$100$12,000YY
Major Medical Plan$74.9280%$100$15,145YY
Accidental Injury & Illness plus Wellness Care$75.0575%$0$12,000YY
Premium Accident & illness Cover$76.2180%$0$12,000YY
Ultimate Pet Care$77.4280%$100$15,000YY
InsurerPlan NameMonthly PremiumVet Bills CoveredExcess AmountAnnual Benefit LimitAccident CoverageIllness CoverageReview
Accidental Plan$20.0180%$100$8,000YN
Pet Essentials$21.0780%$100$8,000YN
The Basic$22.0580%$200$8,000YN
Basic Cover$22.0680%$100$6,000YN
Accidental Injury Cover$24.1875%$0$8,000YN
Accident Protect$25.5675%$0$10,000YN
Essential Pet Care$31.3470%$100$4,000YY
Basic Accident Cover$34.4280%$0$7,000YN
Accidental Cover$35.0680%$0$8,000YN

*Please consult the PDS for further information, including full description of benefits and exclusions. Last Updated on August 26 2017 *

This page contains general information and there may be additional features to some products that are not compared. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full information on cover.
Quote based off Labrador Retriever, 6 months old, de-sexed, mail, residing in post code 3125, owner born Feb, 1977. Insurance premium selected was $100.  Price last updated – August 26 2017
Adaptability MediumLabradors don’t suit apartment living, and due to their sensitivity they do not like being left alone so company by existing pets or owners is recommended.
FriendlinessHighLabradors are dog friendly, and due to their high levels of patience and intelligence, they do get along with children.
General HealthMediumDue to their size they are more prone to hip dysplasia. Other common issues for Labradors are patellar luxation, osteochondritis dissecans (canine elbow and shoulder dysplasia), diabetes, muscular dystrophy tricuspid valve dysplasia and entropion. They are also prone to obesity so it is important to monitor their weight carefully.
Grooming NeedsMediumLabradors shed a lot of hair so regular brushing/shedding is required. As they love the outdoors, bathing and clipping is often required.
Trainability EaseHighLabradors are intelligent making them an easy breed to train.
Exercise RequirementHighBeing highly energetic breed, the Labrador loves being outdoors. They require 1-2 hours a day of walk/run time.