Woolworths Pet Insurance Review

About Woolworths

Founded in 1924, Woolworths has become the 5th most valuable brand in Australia, employing over 200,000 Australians across the nation.  We are accustomed to purchasing groceries through Woolies, however insurance isn't an area you would think Woolworths would be operating in.  Over the years, Woolworths has been aggressively expanding into the insurance space, offering travel, home and content, car and pet insurance.

Woolworths pet insurance product offers the typical 3 levels of cover; Basic Standard and Comprehensive.


Woolworths Basic Pet Insurance Cover

The Basic cover offers both Accidental Injury and Illness Cover which differs greatly with other pet insurers as most do not offer Illness cover at the basic levels.  This also means the basic level cover is more expensive than other providers however, the Woolies basic pet insurance cover should actually be considered a mid-range cover.

Based off the 25 different dog breeds with analysed, the Woolworths Basic Cover cost around $29 per month.  The excess is higher at the $200 mark or you could pay no excess with the monthly pricing increasing to over $38.

We do not recommend this as it would be cheaper to upgrade to the standard plan which averages the $35 mark, however the excess is only $100 and the annual benefit increases towards the $10,000 PA mark.


Woolworths Standard Insurance Cover

In addition to the basic cover, the standard plan offers more value where the excess is lower, annual benefit limit doubles to $10,000 and offers up to $300 in vet consultation.  We recommend this plan as a good balance of value and cover for your pet.

Woolworths Comprehensive Insurance Cover

In addition to the standard cover, the comprehensive plan offers an additional routine care cover which allows you to claim up to $100 per year.  $50 can go to claims on items such as desexing, microchipping, prescription diets, heartworm preventative, obedience training (recognized facility), dew claw removal, dental illness treatment, council registration fees, teeth cleaning, behavioral therapy (by a qualified Animal behavioral therapist or Vet), Alternative Therapy and Cremation or burial.  The remaining $50 can be used for either Vaccinations or Health Checks.

What's also different is the increase in Tick paralysis up to $1,500 ($500 more), emergency boarding fees at $1,200 ($200 more) and annual benefit limits increasing up to $12,000 per year.

  • Competitive prices for mid-range and comprehensive covers
  • Respected and trusted brand
  • External reviews mentioned claims have been paid on time
  • Woolworths donates $10 to petrescue for any policy sold
  • No coverage for dental care
  • No coverage for working dogs
  • Below Average external reviews

Compare Woolworths Basic, Standard and Comprehensive plans

 Basic CoverStandard CoverComprehensive Cover
Age eligibility8 weeks and aboveMust be purchased between 8 weeks to 9 years oldMust be purchased between 8 weeks to 9 years old
Annual Benefit Limit$5,000$10,000$12,000
% Cover on eligible vet bills80%80%80%
Excess$0 or $200$0 or $100$0 or $100
Consultations and visitsNo Option$300 Annual Limit$300 Annual Limit
Cover Accidental InjuryYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Cover IllnessesYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Routine Care CoverNo OptionNo OptionYes Option
Routine Care Cover Limit$0$0$100 worth of benefits
Tick Paralysis - annual benefit$1,000$1.000$1,500
Emergency Boarding Fees - up to $20 per day$500$1,000$1,500
Lifetime cover - renewal guaranteedYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Cooling off period21 Days21 Days21 Days
Cancer TreatmentYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Skin Conditions e.g. allergiesYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
After-hours emergency visitsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Specialist CareYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Laboratory and diagnostic testsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
HospitalisationYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
RadiologyYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Medicines & drugsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
SurgeryYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Cruciate Ligament Conditions$1,500 Annual Limit$2,600 Annual Limit$2,600 Annual Limit
Hereditary and congenital conditionsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
VaccinationsNo OptionNo Option$50
DesexingNo OptionNo Option$50
Overseas Pet Travel InsuranceYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Dental CoverageNo OptionNo OptionNo Option
Waiting period for illness conditions30 Days30 Days30 Days
Special OffersLowest Price MatchLowest Price MatchLowest Price Match
Multi-Pet DiscountYes OptionYes OptionYes Option

Like any insurance policy, there are exclusions which you must carefully read through.  Please read exclusions below.

Exclusions - Last Updated - 6 June 2017

Exclusions: The extract below is from page 28 of the Woolworths Pet Insurance PDS.  This was last updated on 6 June 2017.  Before signing up, please read the PDS here:

The intention of Woolworths Pet Insurance is to help cover unforeseen Vet Expenses associated with pet ownership. However not all expenses are covered.

Unless stated on your Certificate of Insurance, Vet Expenses and/or costs related to the following are not covered:

  1. Pre-existing Conditions – refer to page 18 for definition. Also refer to the ‘Pre-existing Condition review’section on page 31.
  2. Dental Care – dental procedures; dental diseases; gingivitis; Treatment of teeth fractures; teeth cleaning/scaling; orthodontics; removal of deciduous or fractured teeth or any oral disease.
  3. Day to Day Care
    1. regular, prescription or dietary pet food, vitamins, mineral supplements, whether recommended by your Vet or not;
    2. preventative procedures and treatments (including, but not limited to, vaccinations, routine anal gland expression, flea/tick/worm control);
    3. grooming and bathing of your Pet (including medicated baths and shampoos);
    4. accessories such as but not limited to – pill poppers, cage hire, crates, bedding and collars;
    5. training, socialisation, therapy and alternative therapies (including, but not restricted to, consultations and Treatments involving homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, laser therapy, chiropractic treatments and/or physiotherapy) whether recommended by your Vet or not; or
    6. Treatment while your Pet is used for commercial or occupational purposes including but not limited to racing, breeding, organised fighting, law enforcement, guarding or pig hunting dogs. Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs are exempt from this exclusions
  4. Certain Treatments & Conditions
    1. Treatment of or Conditions attributable to behavioural problems regardless of the cause (including but not limited to anxiety disorders, phobias or chemical imbalance);
    2. cell-replacement therapies, including but not limited to stem cell therapy. This exclusion does not include blood transfusions, which are covered when medically necessary;
    3. a Condition where the diagnosis is inconclusive, but where the Treatment protocol is consistent with a Treatment protocol typically applied to an Accidental Injury or Illness which is not covered (e.g. Treatment for coughing where kennel cough is
    4. Treatment for Conditions excluded by the policy and/or due to complications and/or adverse reactions arising from any Policy Exclusion;
    5. medication not approved or listed by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medication Authority) unless specifically agreed to by us in writing;
    6. the provision of medication(s) for your Pet that covers a period of more than thirty (30) days beyond the policy End Date;
    7. your decision to pursue a course of Treatment other than that which was recommended to you by your Vet unless specifically authorised by us prior to Treatment. For example: ignoring a Vet’s recommendation to remove an eye, which then results in extra costs associated with chronic eye issues; or
    8. breeding or obstetrics, or Treatment of Conditions arising as a result of breeding or obstetrics
  5. Certain Services & Procedures
    1. transport or boarding expenses other than the benefits provided in Section 4.1 – Emergency Boarding on page 25, regardless of reason;
    2. ambulance fees and non-essential hospitalisation;
    3. house calls and out-of-hours Treatment unless the Vet believes an emergency consultation was necessary, in which case our liability is limited to the amount that would have been payable had the Treatment been provided at a Vet practice during normal consultation hours;
    4. genetic/chromosome testing including procedures to determine the suitability or categorisation of your Pet for breeding or genealogical purposes; or
    5. organ transplant surgery, artificial limbs, prosthetics, pacemakers and any associated expenses unless authorised and agreed to by us in writing prior to any Treatment.
  6. Elective Procedures and Treatments
    1. routine examinations; cosmetic procedures;  experimental Treatments or therapies; desexing; cryptorchidism; hip and elbow scoring; Elective Treatments, including but not limited to nail clipping, tail docking, debarking, pre-anaesthetic blood tests, declawing, ear cropping and nasal fold, skin fold, stenotic nares and soft palate resections
  7. Your Pet not being Protected
    1. a malicious act, deliberate injury or gross negligence caused by you or anyone living with you; or
    2. your failure to take all reasonable precautions to protect your Pet from situations that may result in injury or Illness (such as ingestion of hazardous substances) or from aggravating a treated Condition.
  8. Policy Conditions
    1. any consequential loss, economic or otherwise, loss of enjoyment or other such loss not mentioned in the policy; or
    2. a Condition specifically excluded on your Certificate of Insurance

Pre-existing Condition review

You may apply to us to review a Pre-existing Condition exclusion provided that your Vet certifies and provides (at your expense) veterinary records verifying that your Pet has been free of clinical signs, symptoms or recurrence of the Pre-existing Condition (or any Condition(s) arising directly therefrom) up to the date of receipt of your Review Application Form, which shall be no less than a period of eighteen (18) months from the original policy Commencement Date.

Your request for this review must be made in writing after the completion of the eighteen (18) month period using our prescribed Review Application Form. The Pre-existing Condition exclusion(s) shall not be deemed to have been lifted unless agreed to by us in writing. Agreement to lift all or part of the exclusion(s) is at our sole discretion and we are not obligated to provide reasons for declining a request.

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  • I purchased Woolworths pet insurance when my cavoodle was 16 weeks old. She is now 9 months old and had a few issues with allergies twice in the past few months. On both occasions Woolworths paid 80% of the vet bills, but of course if 90% or 100% would be better. Overall, would recommend to my friends.

  • I’ve been insuring my 7 year old pug within woolies for the past 2 years. 1 months ago, my pug stepped on a piece of glass which required surgery. Originally, woolies rejected my claim however after calling their customer service staff and explaining the situation in detail, they approved it. Although it took 3 weeks, I’m happy enough to save over $1,600.

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