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About Pet Insurance Australia

Pet Insurance Australia (PIA) started in 2008 with the aim of providing affordable insurance due to the rising cost of vet care in Australia.  The founders have had prior dealings within the pet industry so know what it feels like to be in the shoes of pet owners.  Their customer service is one of the best in the industry and claims benefit payouts are quite quick.

PIA currently offer 3 levels of pet cover for cats and dogs.  PIA typically offers the cheapest basic level cover in Australia.  Their basic insurance cover ranges from $18 to $24.

PIA offer promo codes regularly through the year with 1 to 2 months off being popular.  Don't forget to check out the latest Pet Insurance Australia Promo Codes here.

Basic: Accidental Injury Cover

PIA's basic level cover only covers accidental coverage where you can sign up when your pet is 8 weeks old.  The annual benefit limit is up to $8,000 per year, eligible reimbursement is up to 80% and with a $100 excess.  Plans typically range from $18 dollars per month.

The plan suits younger pets which do not have any notable illnesses.

Standard: Comprehensive Plan

In addition to the basic cover, the standard plan includes illness coverage with an increase annual limit of $15,000 and eligible vet reimbursements maintains at 80%.  The standard cover typically starts from $60.

The plan suits pets with a history of health issues and are typically purchased when pets are ages 4 and above.

Comprehensive: Major Medical Plan

The comprehensive plan is is PIA top level cover.  Plans typically start from $70.  The plan offers routine cover which includes worming, de-sexing and more.

Usually pet owners purchase these plans when there pets are 5 or 6 years of age.

Up to $15,000 in annual benefits for the top cover
No age limit on their basic plan so you could cover pets above 9 years old
multi pet discount of up to 10- 16%
family run business with understanding customer service

affordable basic cover however standard and comprehensive starts to become more expensive

 Accident OnlyComprehensive PlanMajor Medical Plan
Age eligibility8 weeks and aboveMinimum aged 8 weeks to 9 years oldMinimum aged 8 weeks to 9 years old
Annual Benefit Limit$8,000$15,000$15,000
% Cover on eligible vet bills80%80%80%
Consultations and Visits$300 Annual Limit$300 Annual Limit$300 Annual Limit
Cover Accidental InjuryYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Cover IllnessesNo OptionYes OptionYes Option
Routine Care CoverNo OptionNo OptionYes Option
Routine Care Cover Limit$0$150 worth of benefits$100 worth of benefits
Tick Paralysis - Annual BenefitNo Option$1,000$1,200
Emergency Boarding Fees - up to $20 per day$500$1,000$1,200
Lifetime Cover - Renewal GuaranteedYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Cooling Off Period21 Days21 Days21 Days
Cancer TreatmentNo OptionYes OptionYes Option
Skin Conditions e.g. allergiesNo OptionYes OptionYes Option
After-hours emergency visitsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Specialist CareYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Laboratory and diagnostic testsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
HospitalisationYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
RadiologyYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Medicines & drugsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
SurgeryYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Cruciate Ligament Conditions$2,600 Annual Limit$2,600 Annual Limit$2,600 Annual Limit
Hereditary and congenital conditionsNo OptionYes OptionYes Option
VaccinationsNo OptionNo Option$50
DesexingNo OptionNo Option$50
Overseas Pet Travel InsuranceYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Dental CoverageNo OptionYes OptionYes Option
Waiting period for illness conditionsNo waiting period for Accidental Cover30 Days for illness condition30 Days for illness condition
Waiting period for cruciate6 months6 months6 months
Special OffersN/AN/AN/A
Multi-Pet DiscountYes OptionYes OptionYes Option

Like any insurance policy, there are exclusions which you must carefully read through. Product Disclosure Statement here.

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