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About Bupa Pet Insurance

Bupa is part of a large global health group founded in the UK, which cares for more than 32 million people in 190 different countries.  In Australia, there are over 4 million customers and they have recently invested heavily in building more than 120 Bupa owned Members First Dental Clinics, Optical Stores and GP clinics.

Bupa's pet insurance plans over the ultimate cover with many additional options such as dental coverage, alternative medication and routine care, all of which would attract a higher premium.

Bupa's policies offer flexibility in terms of what you include at their top level plan.

Bupa occasionally offers promo codes and coupon codes but have an always on 10% discount for existing Bupa members. To find out the latest offers you can visit Bupa Promo Codes.


Bupa Basic (Accident Only) Pet Insurance Cover

Bupa's Basic cover offers only accidental coverage with an annual benefit limit of $6,000.  The plan does not include illness coverage or tick paralysis so it might not be the best option for you.  What the basic plan covers is any accidental injury, including injuries resulting from a motor vehicle incident, burns or electrocution, bone fractures, snake bite toxicity or fight wounds.

As Bupa is tailored more to the premium range, their basic plan does not stack up well against competition so their play might be to push pet owners to purchase their standard and comprehensive plan.

Bupa's plans only cover domestic dogs and cats so working/guiding dogs are not covered.


Bupa Standard Pet Insurance Cover

The Standard plan offers an annual benefit of $12,000 with coverage for accidental and illness.  The extras includes cover for tick paralysis at $1,000,  Cancer treatment, skin condition, infectious disease, diabetes, snake bite toxicity and burn, hereditary and congenital conditions cover.   What's different to this plan is the ability to add on routine care cover where you could get a yearly benefit of $200.

The plan includes a 30 days waiting period for some conditions and 6 months for cruciate ligaments.

Bupa Comprehensive Pet Insurance Cover

Bupa's comprehensive pet insurance care is the highest level cover to provide pet owners greater level of coverage. The annual benefit limit increases right up to $20,000 from $12,000 which is one of the highest in the industry.  The routine care benefit valued at $200 is covers $50 which you can use towards De-sexing, Micro chipping , Heart worm, preventative medication, teeth cleaning, council registrations fees, Alternative therapies, prescription diets, declaw removal, cremation or Burial and Dog training.

There is also an increase in coverage for tick paralysis and emergency boarding. This plan is an extension for the standard plan and should provide adequate coverage for the worst of events. However, the downside of this plan does not include dental and working dog coverage.

  • Great coverage on their standard and comprehensive plans
  • Great options for dental cover
  • High annual benefit limit of up to $20,000
  • Being a premium plan, the costs are quite high
  • No coverage for working dogs

Compare Bupa's Pet Insurance, basic, standard and comprehensive plans

 Essential Pet CareEmergency Pet CareUltimate Pet Care
Age eligibility8 weeks and aboveMinimum aged 8 weeks to 9 years oldMinimum aged 8 weeks to 9 years old
Annual Benefit Limit$4,000$8,000$15,000
% Cover on eligible vet bills75%80%80%
Excess$0 or $100$0, $100 or $200$0, $100 or $200
Consultations and Visits$300 Annual Limit$300 Annual Limit$300 Annual Limit
Cover Accidental InjuryYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Cover IllnessesYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Routine Care CoverNo OptionNo OptionYes Option
Routine Care Cover Limit$0$0$165 worth of benefits
Tick Paralysis - Annual Benefit$1,000$1,200$1,200
Emergency Boarding Fees - up to $20 per day$500$800$1,200
Lifetime Cover - Renewal GuaranteedYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Cooling Off Period21 Days21 Days21 Days
Cancer TreatmentYes Option$5,000Yes Option
Skin Conditions e.g. allergiesNo OptionYes OptionYes Option
After-hours emergency visitsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Specialist CareYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Laboratory and diagnostic testsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
HospitalisationYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
RadiologyYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Medicines & drugsYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
SurgeryYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Cruciate Ligament Conditions$2,600 Annual Limit$2,600 Annual Limit$2,600 Annual Limit
Hereditary and congenital conditionsNo OptionYes OptionYes Option
VaccinationsNo OptionNo Option$50
DesexingNo OptionNo Option$50
Overseas Pet Travel InsuranceYes OptionYes OptionYes Option
Dental CoverageNo OptionNo Option$2,000
Waiting period for illness conditionsNo waiting period for Accidental Cover30 Days for illness condition30 Days for illness condition
Waiting period for cruciate6 months6 months6 months
Special OffersN/AN/AN/A
Multi-Pet DiscountYes OptionYes OptionYes Option

Like any insurance policy, there are exclusions which you must carefully read through. Product Disclosure Statement here.

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