Pet Insurance Reviews

Choosing a pet insurance policy is difficult, so at Pet Plans Australia, we try to provide you with the most unbiased review for each of Australia's leading pet insurer.  In rating each insurance provider we consider the following 4 factors;

Price: Taking into consideration the monthly/yearly premiums you need to pay but also the excess amount would be an important factor when making claims.

Features & Coverage: The inclusions and exclusion for each pet insurance policy is important.  There is no point having a high annual benefit limit of $20,000 if it's not covered in the policy.

Trust: The pet insurance providers overall reputation as it's important to know the insurer is still around so you can make you claims.

Benefit Payout: Each insurer and policies have different payout rates but another important factor is the claims payout.

Below are the pet insurance reviews from most of the Australia's leading pet insurers.